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Re: [leafnode-list] Logging Stopped; restart syslog needed

"Mike Vanecek" <leaf_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I use to get entries in my newslog whenever texpire, fetchnews, and so on did
> their activities. However, ever since the logs rotated on 1 July, no entries
> were going to my newslog. The last entries, as shown below, were made on July
> 1 before the rotation. Everything is running as it should except no logging. I
> restarted xinetd, but it did not help. I then restarted syslog (service syslog
> restart) and news started logging again.


> # Newslog
> /var/log/newslog  {
>     missingok
>     compress
>     size 2M
>     rotate 3
>     create 0660 root news
> }

This doesn't send SIGHUP to syslogd, does it?

Most syslogd implementations will close their files and reopen them as
they receive SIGHUP, so chances are that either your syslog logged to a
file that logrotate or newsyslog or what it's called had just deleted,
so it got lost at syslogd restart (not that any process except debugfs
or syslogd could have accessed it), or it has logged to newslog.1.gz,
after the compressed data (to figure, try "tail newslog.1.gz").

A careful log rotation software will rename the file away, send SIGHUP
to syslogd, sleep a while until the new file has been written to, and
only then compress the old log.

Matthias Andree

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