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Re: [leafnode-list] Secure Shell Connections

Jeff Grossman <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is there a website which will show me how to use stunnel to allow Leafnode
> to connect to a secure news server?  I am particularly interested in
> connecting to Netscapes secure news server.

You'd need to mention if you're using stunnel 3.x or 4.x because they
have vastly different configuration. Both suggestions below are


stunnel -c -D 4 -v 2 -f -d 987 -r secnews.netscape.com:563
(this is in foreground mode so it can report trouble, 987 is the port
and should be <1024, so no other user can hijack your credentials, if

4.x stunnel configuration should be something like:

client = yes
debug = 4
foreground = yes
verify = 2

accept = 987
connect = secnews.netscape.com:563


Matthias Andree

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