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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode not touching interesting.groups

On 27/06/2003 00:23:14 Matthias Andree wrote:

My apologies, it was rather stupid of me to post my question the day 
before I went on holiday.

>matthew.malthouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> After a time not using my local leafnode I came back to it.  Thinking I
>> knew what was supposed to happen I did
>> #  touch /leafnode/news/interesting.groups/*
>> to that I wouldn't lose my subscriptions then ran fetchnews.
>The canonical way to achieve this is running "fetchnews -n". However,

Running it that way now, will see what happens next time it's run 
normally, this will probably take a few days before the previously noted 
behavior becomes obvious.  Meantime will look at the ctimes of the files 
in interesting groups and see if they are being updated on read.

>> In the time I wasn't using leafnode various things have been updated on
>> my machine (from the bash shell to the kernel several times) but 
>> Leafnode nor Slrn have been changed.
>Maybe not changing leafnode is also a problem... which version are you
>running? Check http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/ for leafnode-1
>versions and http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/beta/ for leafnode-2
>versions, and look at the NEWS file (or the ChangeLog.txt for
>leafnode-2) to see if there have been fixes related to your problem.

What I have is leafnode 1.9.24.rel: hasn't previously given me a problem 
so I've not been concerned to upgrade.  I will look and might venture a 
2.x  just to make life interesting.  ;-)

Thank you.


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