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Re: [leafnode-list] NNTP Server Went Away

Jeff Grossman <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This is all I have in the logs for stunnel:
> Jul  7 08:20:07 apple stunnel[321]: SecureNetscapeNNTP connected from
> 47011
> Jul  7 08:23:16 apple stunnel[321]: remote connect #2 (
> Conn
> ection timed out (110)
> Jul  7 08:23:16 apple stunnel[321]: Failed to initialize remote
> connection

And it is sufficient. stunnel accepts leafnode's connection and only
after that tries to connect with TCP to port 563 -- that
fails, so stunnel finally drops the connection to leafnode, and leafnode
correctly reports "server went away" -- that's all it can see, and
that's the best effort stunnel can make when it strives to maintain
portability with the systems it works on today.

Now watch this, tried from two different networks:

$ telnet 563
telnet: connect to address Connection timed out

There isn't anything you can fix on your end, but looking at the DNS, I
find the whole setup a bit mysterious:

$ host -t any secnews.netscape.com
secnews.netscape.com    CNAME   secnews.aoltw.net
secnews.aoltw.net       CNAME   ripley.aoltw.net
ripley.aoltw.net        A

$ host -A secnews.netscape.com
 *** ripley.aoltw.net address maps to hostname h-204-29-187-156.netscape.com
 *** Hostname ripley.aoltw.net does not belong to address
 *** Not all addresses for hostname ripley.aoltw.net have a matching hostname.

Looks like some homebrew solution and not at all like "I am claiming to
be #1 provider"... (aoltw.net is AOL, Dulles, VA, US)

> I will probably have to put stunnel in debug mode to get more information in
> the logs.

Won't help. If you want to invest time, figure a Netscape contact
address and send them a fax/give them a phone call or send an email if
their MX server isn't ripley.aoltw.net :-)

Matthias Andree

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