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Re: [leafnode-list] NNTP Server Went Away

on 7/7/03 2:16 PM, Matthias Andree at ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Jeff Grossman <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> This is all I have in the logs for stunnel:
>> Jul  7 08:20:07 apple stunnel[321]: SecureNetscapeNNTP connected from
>> 47011
>> Jul  7 08:23:16 apple stunnel[321]: remote connect #2 (
>> Conn
>> ection timed out (110)
>> Jul  7 08:23:16 apple stunnel[321]: Failed to initialize remote
>> connection
> And it is sufficient. stunnel accepts leafnode's connection and only
> after that tries to connect with TCP to port 563 -- that
> fails, so stunnel finally drops the connection to leafnode, and leafnode
> correctly reports "server went away" -- that's all it can see, and
> that's the best effort stunnel can make when it strives to maintain
> portability with the systems it works on today.
> Now watch this, tried from two different networks:
> $ telnet 563
> Trying
> telnet: connect to address Connection timed out
> There isn't anything you can fix on your end, but looking at the DNS, I
> find the whole setup a bit mysterious:
> $ host -t any secnews.netscape.com
> secnews.netscape.com    CNAME   secnews.aoltw.net
> secnews.aoltw.net       CNAME   ripley.aoltw.net
> ripley.aoltw.net        A
> $ host -A secnews.netscape.com
> *** ripley.aoltw.net address maps to hostname
> h-204-29-187-156.netscape.com
> *** Hostname ripley.aoltw.net does not belong to address
> *** Not all addresses for hostname ripley.aoltw.net have a matching hostname.
> Looks like some homebrew solution and not at all like "I am claiming to
> be #1 provider"... (aoltw.net is AOL, Dulles, VA, US)
>> I will probably have to put stunnel in debug mode to get more information in
>> the logs.
> Won't help. If you want to invest time, figure a Netscape contact
> address and send them a fax/give them a phone call or send an email if
> their MX server isn't ripley.aoltw.net :-)

Thanks for the information.  Now that I know Leafnode is operating as it
should, I am not worried about the errors.  I just didn't want to let a
problem go without mentioning it in case it was a larger issue.

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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