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Re: [leafnode-list] Delayed answers from my leafnode-server

"Peter Reimer" <punky@xxxxxx> writes:

> If i connect leafnode from an other pc (eg with outlook... Or slrn), i
> must wait some minutes for the connection. I've tried to connect
> leafnode from the local system. The result of "telnet localhost 119" and
> "help" is nothing. If i wait some minutes and enter again "help", i get
> the normaly help-screen. The newsreader on my other machine says "the
> newsserver dont answer". Also on this machine: i wait some minutes and
> it works fine...

I see two possible problems:

1. DNS. Leafnode tries to resolve the client's IP to a hostname.

2. ident, also known as AUTH or RFC931. inetd on FreeBSD uses
   tcp_wrappers by default, and tcp_wrappers MAY conduct ident lookups.

I suspect a DNS problem. To verify this, either try to connect from your
server, giving as the address, or you can put the client's IP
into /etc/hosts, like (adjust the!): myclient.reimer.example.org

If leafnode allows quick connects, then you've found the problem.

A definitive answer might be obtained with tcpdump that you run on the
server. Watch for outgoing TCP port 113 from server to client, and watch
for outgoing UDP port 53 from server to anywhere. You may need to run
two tcpdump instances, one for your LAN interface (fxp0 or xl0 or
something), one for your external interface (tun0 or something).

Let me know what you find.

> Thanks and again: sorry... My english...

If it wasn't for the hen-and-egg problem, I had suggested to use the
de.comm.software.newsserver newsgroup. ;-)

Hope that helps,

Matthias Andree

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