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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20030714a released

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Werner Partner wrote:

> I downloaded this version now!
> Is there any risk to install this version if I am running a earlire
> version 2.x?

Yes. There's always a risk something breaks with alpha versions.

You need to heed the UPDATING and NEWS documents.

Use at your own risk, as usual.

> Do I win relevant issues?

Bugfixes (listgroup command, memory leaks) and features (NOSUBSCRIBE).
Check NEWS and ChangeLog.

> I have 2.0.0.alpha20030209a

I don't support older alpha versions except the latest. If 20030209a has
a problem, the first answer you'll hear is "check if the problem
persists in 20030714a". (or 1.9.42.rel for problems reported against the
1.9.x versions). Note I don't support alpha versions for production use

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