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Re: [leafnode-list] C++-ifying leafnode

On Wednesday 23 July 2003  9:45 am, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Timo Geusch schrieb am 2003-07-23:
> > Mathias mentioned some time back on this list that he was considering
> > to convert part of leafnode-2.0 to either C++ or Python or both.
> Looks like it's time to refine and mention my plans.
> I think I'll have leafnode-2.0.0 released as a purely C version.

That sounds sensible. 

> > 3. Change the structure of programs to take advantage of C++.
> The C++ change isn't meant to just translate from C to C++. I haven't
> yet decided if I want to go with STL either, because it _easily_ bloats
> the binary code. I'll also be looking at PTypes.

I've had a quick look at PTypes, and it's more extensive than the STL
in that it has networking classes. It certainly seems worth looking 

> The stages you mention aren't very much to my intentions.
> I'd think I'd identify how I can represent certain common data types as
> classes, 

That seems the best way to use C++ as a language; although to do it
properly is probably going to involve a rewrite of leafnode.

> Having said all that, I'll of course appreciate voluntary help with
> leafnode, and if my pondering about "C++ or Python" may have been
> premature, because it didn't mention plans when that would happen or
> how.

I missed the earlier discussion; where do you think Python could be 

FWIW, I think Python's a very good language for most tasks, although it 
might be a bit slow on some of the things leafnode does.

Phil Hunt

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