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Re: [leafnode-list] What happens on a crash?

Thanks Matthias and sorry if I have inconvenienced you.  As I said, I didn't 
want to trouble you with the ppp problem.  I am using Mandrake 9.0 with KDE 
3.0.3 and the kppp that came with it in a dial-up situation.  My modem is an 
internal one with a Conexant chip, and I am using the appropriate Conexant 
driver.  I found on a Google group that someone was able to make it more 
reliable by adding to /etc/resolv.conf the ISP's DNS, notwithstanding that 
Mandrake claim that this is unnecessary.   I have tried picking the DNS from 
/var/log/messages or ppp, but it seems to vary.

My Leafnode is  1.9.29.rel.  I did try a version which came out a few months 
back, but had problems with it.  I thought that the repeat entries 
represented messages I had downloaded before the crash.

As regards setting the FQDN, I also found out something in the last couple of 
days.  In Debian, all that is required is to edit /etc/hostname.  Neither Red 
Hat nor Mandrake (which is based on Red Hat anyway) has /etc/hostname, only 
/etc/hosts.  According to the post, Red Hat sets its hostname somewhere in 
the sysconfig group of files.  Mandrake is no doubt similar - I haven't 
looked.  I change the hostname with linuxconf, but I have to add the new 
hostname to /etc/hosts.


On Thursday 07 Aug 2003 5:56 pm, you wrote:
> Doug Laidlaw schrieb am 2003-08-07:
> > Just as a matter of interest, when are new messages saved to disk?
> Messages are saved immediately, however, the groupinfo is only updated
> after the whole download has completed. If the overview isn't updated
> when you select a different group and then the previous group, update
> leafnode.
> > Plainly I
> > can't read them until the download is finished.  But I am having a system
> > problem with ppp.  Often the screen freezes and I have to reboot during a
> > run.
> Which operating system and kernel version, which ppp version are you
> using? What is the type of connection? Regular PPP over modem/ISDN HDLC
> or regular PPPoE? Or some "special"?
> > ( This is only context, but any hints are still welcome.) Then I see
> > that according to the terminal, one message is received as a whole series
> > of consecutive numbers.  Presumably the other numbers are already there.
> You are running leafnode older than 1.9.31.  1.9.31 fixed that bug and
> was released December 29th last year.  There are critical bug fixes in
> leafnode 1.9.42 (which can cause leafnode to hang), and there have been
> several improvements to recovery after a crash since the version you're
> using.
> If people would a) report the leafnode version they are using with ANY
> inquiry, b) check the NEWS file of the newer versions before inquiring,
> that'd save me a great deal of work.
> The NEWS file is available at http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/NEWS

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