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Re: [leafnode-list] What happens on a crash?

Doug, you're posting from the future. Please check your system clock and
time zone setting. Your article appears as posted 12:58 UTC while it's
12:49 UTC (according to PTB NTP servers) as I'm reading this.

Doug Laidlaw <laidlaws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> My Leafnode is  1.9.29.rel.  I did try a version which came out a few months 
> back, but had problems with it.  I thought that the repeat entries 
> represented messages I had downloaded before the crash.

The repeat entries used to (falsely) print /attempts/ to store the
article. The crash prevented fetchnews from updating the "high article
number" for the respective group, and fetchnews printed one figure for
the /attempt/ to store the article, and retried, printing the number for
each try. Recent leafnode versions however only print one number for the
successful store, preventing this user confusion.

> As regards setting the FQDN, I also found out something in the last
> couple of days.  In Debian, all that is required is to edit
> /etc/hostname.  Neither Red Hat nor Mandrake (which is based on Red
> Hat anyway) has /etc/hostname, only /etc/hosts.  According to the
> post, Red Hat sets its hostname somewhere in the sysconfig group of
> files.  Mandrake is no doubt similar - I haven't looked.  I change the
> hostname with linuxconf, but I have to add the new hostname to
> /etc/hosts.

SuSE Linux keeps the FQDN in /etc/HOSTNAME, FreeBSD in a (fully
qualified) hostname= line in /etc/rc.conf. However, on Linux, glibc's
gethostname(3) interface only returns the bare hostname, not the full
domain. Whether this is a libc difference or a bug in SuSE's boot
scripts, I haven't researched.

leafnode will try to obtain the hostname (gethostname(3)) and feeds it
through gethostbyname(3) to qualify it "just in case", because the
hostname itself isn't usually qualified. Adding the own hostname to
/etc/hosts usually remedies the problem. Example /etc/hosts line: myhost.mydomain.example.org myhost

I'd think many installers add this line already.

Matthias Andree

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