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[leafnode-list] How to debug missing (not-fetched) articles?


the last days I had some gaps in a thread.  But when I use `^' in Gnus
(`gnus-summary-refer-parent-article'), I got the article from the
upstream server.

So I wonder why this article didn't make it into leafnodes spool.  It
would be nice to be able to debug this.  

- Would it be possible to add an option to applyfilter?

  "applyfilter -c /path/to/some/article" would read
  /path/to/some/article and let the processing act as with
  "applyfilter -n -vvvvv some.group".  The usual "newsgroup" argument
  (needed for choosing the right filters) could be extract the
  "Newsgroups:" header.

- Given a Message-Id, let fetchnews (say: "fetchnews -M MID") try to
  get this article.  *time passes* ... Oops this feature already
  exists! :-)

So I did "fetchnews -M MID" and the article is there.  Fine.  But why
wasn't it fetched in the normal runs?

Okay, I changed "debugmode" in leafnode/config to include "Filtering"
and "Store", run "applyfilter -vvvvv -D 2233 -n some.group" and grep
the output for "regexp filter:.*matched".  Done, found the
culprit. :-)

Is the above really the best method or am I missing something obvious?

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
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