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[leafnode-list] Re: active.read not being created on 1.9.42

Tim Daneliuk writes:

I have been running 1.9.22 on FreeBSD 4.x very nicely for some time.
I just upgraded to 1.9.42.  Now, each time fetchnews runs, the entire
list of groups is downloaded from each server in my config.  After
digging around, I discovered that active.read is not being created,
so fetchnews is effectively being run with the -f flag.  noactive=1
seems to do nothing.

Is this a known issue - any workarounds?

_HOW_ did you upgrade to 1.9.42 and what is the exact FreeBSD version
that you are using? I just installed the 1.9.42 package on FreeBSD 5-CURRENT, removed the active.read file and ran fetchnews -vvv twice. The first time, it retrieved the active files, the second time, it didn't.

What does "ls -la /usr/local/var/spool/leafnode" print?


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