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[leafnode-list] Re: How to debug missing (not-fetched)

On Thu, Aug 14 2003, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Reiner Steib <4.uce.03.r.s@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> A stdin-option for "applyfilter -c" would be nifty in Gnus (or other
>> newsreaders): Use `^' or `j' to get the article and pipe (`|') it to
>> "applyfilter -c" and see why it has been filtered.
> How do you retrieve the "hole"? Is there some Gnus function I missed?
> gnus-try-to-fetch-parent-from-all-servers?

Almost. :-) The function is called `gnus-summary-refer-parent-article'
bound to `^' in the summary buffer (see the article menu).  You need
to setup `gnus-refer-article-method' (see below).  You may also use `A
R' (gnus-summary-refer-references) or `j' (gnus-summary-goto-article);
those command use `g-r-a-m', too.

,----[ C-h v gnus-refer-article-method RET ]
| gnus-refer-article-method's value is shown below.
| Documentation:
| Preferred method for fetching an article by Message-ID.
| [...]
| The value of this variable must be a valid select method as discussed
| in the documentation of `gnus-select-method'.
| It can also be a list of select methods, as well as the special symbol
| `current', which means to use the current select method.  If it is a
| list, Gnus will try all the methods in the list until it finds a match.
| [...]
| Value:
| (current
|  (nntp "localhost")
|  (nntp "news.uni-ulm.de")
|  (nntp "news.belwue.de")
|  (nntp "news.gmane.org")
|  (nntp "news.gnus.org")
|  (nnweb "google"
| 	(nnweb-type google)))

Bye, Reiner.

P.S.: I will come back to the other issues later.
      (o o)
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