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Re: [leafnode-list] cannot stat /var/spool/news/leaf.node/:active.read

Tim Daneliuk schrieb am 2003-08-14:

> Well, to be more precise, I "solved" the problem this way in 1.9.42 because
> absolutely nothing else seemed to work -  I found no circumstance under
> which active.read was being created for me.  I resorted to this approach
> as a last ditch attempt...

I have seen no log excerpts that could hint to the REAL cause of the
problem. As written before, it works for me (FreeBSD 5-CURRENT and SuSE
Linux 8.1), so there must be something with your system or upstreams
that prevents active.read from being created. Check the logs, see
the TROUBLESHOOTING section in the README file, then retry fetchnews -f.

> Bad idea - users should have the last word here if nothing else

As long as users don't expect support after concealing the symptom...

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