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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: How to debug missing (not-fetched)

Reiner Steib schrieb am 2003-08-14:

> Aug 14 12:15:55 [...]: gnus.gnus-bug: last seen article was 51187, server now has 22998 - 51181
> Aug 14 12:15:55 [...]: gnus.gnus-bug: switched upstream servers? 51187 > 51181
> Aug 14 12:15:55 [...]: gnus.gnus-bug: considering 28184 articles 22998 - 51181, using XOVER

That's rather violent. "Initialfetch" should apply in these cases, but
it's not set by default. Try initialfetch=500 or something.

> Probably, all rejected articles are filtered because of "maxage = 2".
> I definitively didn't switch my upstream server:
> 200 quimby.gnus.org InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.2.2 13-Dec-1999 ready (posting ok).
> Is it normal or possible, that the numbers on INN decrease, e.g.
> because of canceled articles?

It isn't normal, the server should NEVER reset its high article pointer,
and if it does, the admin should send advance warnings or reports so
users can nuke their .newsrc.

I tried injecting a message and a cancel into INN 2.3.3 (through POST),
while the article disappears from the XOVER list, the "GROUP" command
response does not lower the high number.

I can however imagine that file system or news spool damage (active file
regenerated) after processing cancels can cause this.

I know I've made some changes to leafnode to make sure it doesn't lower
its high article number and I hope I caught them all at that time.

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