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Re: [leafnode-list] slow fetching of headers with

On August 21, 2003 12:43 pm, you wrote:

> Not that I'm aware of. Check the logs, see the TROUBLESHOOTING section
> of the README file: does fetchnews complete, including the background
> XOVER update? Does it log errors?
	Fetchnews seems to run just fine. I ran it with -vv and watched it complete. 
Fetchnews is getting all the articles I think. The only problem with 
fetchnews is I'm getting the odd warning message. Thinks like:

Newsgroup name conflict, chose alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.brazilian


And it's complaining about the clock. But fetchnews doesn't seem to be a 

> Does the problem go away when you run texpire?


> What clients did you try?

	So far: tin,knode and mozilla.

> How many are "a lot of" articles approximately?

	Can be quite a bit. The largest is over 13k messages. All text and most 
fairly small. 

> What's your hardware like (CPU, RAM, Hard disk drive) and your operating
> system, version and file system for /var?

	The machine running leafnode is a linux box with kernal 2.2.19. It's an older 
Suse box with various updates on top. 128meg of ram. 333mhz celeron I think. 

 /var/spool/news is 97% empty. Lots of room.

	I spent some time watching top and leafnode seems to peak at about 14% mem 
and cpu when accessing the biggest group. Smaller groups are peaking at less 
then 5%.  I'm guessing the system just isn't fast enough to handle the large 
number of messages.


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