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[leafnode-list] Leafnode.org

Hi all,

First sorry for my English.

I have been using Leafnode for a long time on my Linux machine. I
always thought the main web site for Leafnode was Leafnode.org.
Luckily after a Sourceforge search I found out the updated site and
learnt that leafnode.org was outdated. (as you all know)

Then I searched the archives to find out why. I found a July dated
posts about the transfer of the domain which was not ended. (or at
least didn't give the answer I was waiting.)

So. Can anyone possibly explain the latest deal about the domain
issue? I like leafnode and it is very useful for me. And leafnode.org
domain is much more better and also a Google search gives leafnode.org
not http://www-dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de/~ma/leafnode/.

I know it is not top priority for a free project but leafnode.org just
fits. What can we do for it?



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