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Re: [leafnode-list] maxcrosspost=5

[resending to the right list this time, didn't notice I was replying to
the wrong one]

Doug Laidlaw schrieb am 2004-01-02:

> I have maxcrosspost=5 set, and I have been watching the entries go past with 
> fetchnews -vvv, and have seen rejection of messages posted to more than 5 
> groups, yet others get through.  One I have just reported to their ISP 
> included the following (I could get only about 2/3 of the list)

fetchnews (in leafnode-1) will count the number of comma "," characters
in the Newsgroups: header after download.

> Posted to  
> freenews.iinet.net.au!newsfeed.iinet.net.au!newsfeed.iinet.net.au!snewsf0.syd.ops.aspac.uu.net!news1.optus.net.au!optus!priapus.visi.com!orange.octanews.net!news.octanews.net!news-out.visi.c
> and more.

That's the Path: the article has taken from the originator to your
machine, with the most recent appended in front (usually you ISP).

> The ng I read it in must be in the part I didn't copy.  These entries seem to 
> indicate servers, not groups.  Is a different tactic needed here?

Yes, it is. You'll need to look at the Newsgroups: header instead.

Matthias Andree

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