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[leafnode-list] [Leafnode-announce] Leafnode 1.9.47.rc3 released (RELEASE CANDIDATE)

                 leafnode 1.9.47.rc3 has been released.

Leafnode 1.9.47.rc3 is a testing release that should have production
quality but needs further testing because some bugfixes have been
non-trivial. No new bugs have been reported against .rc2, so this should
be a safe install - the fixed bugs don't usually bite, but only when the
machine is under heavy memory stress.

Please install 1.9.47.rc3, test it and report your findings to the
leafnode-list, which has moved and is now at
leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - for further info, see:

Leafnode 1.9.47.rc3 is available in .tar.bz2 format and as RPM for i486
glibc-2.2 (or newer) based Linux distributions from:


The files are digitally signed with my key 052E7D95 or E65A83DA, please
check the signature after downloading!

Below is the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since leafnode-1.9.46.
The changes since 1.9.47.rc2 are marked with ">" in the left hand

The full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and can also be viewed online
at http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/ChangeLog.txt

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer

 Note: many of these bugs have been long-standing.
 o Fetchnews: Protocol conformance: no longer ignores lines when the XOVER data
   obtained from the upstream server lacks the 8th field, Xref:. RFC-2980
   suggests, but does not mandate this field. Reported by Brian Sammon.
 o Fetchnews: XOVER mode did not take maxlines, minlines and maxbytes into
 o Fetchnews: XHDR mode did not take minlines and maxlines into account.
 o Fetchnews: XHDR mode tried to fetch bogus articles when articles had been
   dropped from the fetchlist because of age or size.
 o Fetchnews: XHDR required that Bytes, Date and Lines had been returned in
   exactly the same order as the Message-ID headers and would go out of synch
   if it didn't - but in doubt, would fetch the article. Fixed.
 o Leafnode: will detect "list active.times" when trailing garbage (a group
   name) is present. It used to read it as "list active" instead.
 o Leafnode: XOVER now works without article number and returns data for
   current article.
 o Do not pass uninitialized data to setrlimit() when setting the core file
   size in debugmode.
 o Plugged a minor memory leak.
>o Avoid crashes in XOVER related functions when the OS cannot determine the
>  current working directory.
>o Avoid crashes or data corruption in out-of-memory conditions, replacing
>  strdup by critstrdup.
>o Use $(SHELL) to run ./update.sh when "make update" is typed.

 o fetchnews now supports a new -q option that suppresses the "found no server
   with posting permission" warning, to avoid the "cron sends lots of mail"
   bug. Reported by Joey Hess of Debian.
 o fetchnews now supports a server-specific "noxover" option to force the
   use of XHDR when a server does not work with XOVER.
 o fetchnews will now try to match the "maxcrosspost" parameter against the
   Xref: overview information that, albeit optional, is returned by most
   servers in response to the XOVER command. This can avoid the download of
   some, but not all, excessively crossposted articles.
 o The news administrator address, as shown in the placeholder article, is now
   configurable via the new "newsadmin" option. It used to be hardcoded to
   "news@HOSTNAME", where HOSTNAME was replaced by leafnode's hostname.
 o Rebuilt with automake 1.8.

 o The "port" option description in config.example and leafnode.8 has been
   revised to make clear that it only applies to fetchnews, not the listening

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