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Re: [leafnode-list] maxcrosspost=5

Doug Laidlaw schrieb am 2004-01-04:

> No wonder it looked wrong.  My apologies: I wasn't thinking too well when I 
> wrote. There is only the one newsgroup in the Newsgroups: 
> header, so of course it won't be caught by maxcrosspost.  I suppose that the 
> next question is: can the article itself be matched?  I think that one 
> Windows program claimed to do this, but I might have misunderstood the claim.  
> I think that it was only claiming that an article posted to multiple groups 
> is downloaded only once, which Leafnode does too.  I imagine that the job of 
> matching every article would slow things down to a crawl - or worse.

Indeed, a crossposted article is downloaded only once at all - leafnode
looks at the Message-ID, to find it has downloaded the same article
previously for another group.

> If I am writing to a public list, I shouldn't be sending sensitive information 
> anyway.

Indeed, I should change my signature for the list :-)

Matthias Andree

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