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RE: [leafnode-list] Newbie Question

> Herbert Graf schrieb am 2004-01-04:
> > 	Just installed leafnode latest version on my redhat9.0 box.
> Everything
> > SEEMS OK except no articles appear in my newsreader!
> What newsreader are you using?


> Are the groups subscribed?


> Did you see
> the placeholder article?


> > I know that leafnode has downloaded articles since I can see them in
> > the /var/spool/news subdirectories. Anybody know what I might have set
> > up wrong? Also, does fetchmail run automatically or must I run it as a
> > cron job? Thanks, TTYL
> Cron job is a good idea - for texpire as well so that your /var doesn't
> fill up some day.
> Did you check the DEBUGGING section of the "README" file?

	I'm not sure where the readme file would be located.

> Do you have an exact list (from your shell's history, for example) what
> you did to install leafnode?

	I installed from the RPM on sourceforge.

	Everything seems to be working fine, I see the groups I want, the groups
contain the placeholder, /var/spool/news contains the messages I want, but
nothing gets updated. I even rebooted the box. Thanks, TTYL

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