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Re: [leafnode-list] Removing domain name from headers

Steve Mansfield schrieb am 2004-01-05:

> I've noticed that messages include an Xref: header which includes my domain 
> name. Does Leafnode add this? Is this a reference to which server I used to 
> collect the message (ie, effectively my own machine given that I'm using 
> Fetchnews/Leafnode)?

Fetchnews adds this, and it mentions which are the article numbers (per
group) on the server. The header is

XRef: {servername} {groupname}:{artno} [...]

with as many groupname:artno pairs as the article is available from

Does your local hostname match that of an upstream? It should not.

> What I'm asking, I guess, is if my domain name is thus appearing in the 
> headers on other people's machines.

No Xref: header will be added to outgoing postings.

> I've noticed that outgoing messages which are replies have a references header 
> which also include my domain name - eg <no5lc1-v7b.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>. I 
> presume this is for news servers and readers to manage threads? Is there any 
> way of avoiding this?

No, unfortunately you cannot avoid this. However, if "mydomain.com"
(please use example.com or example.org in your examples, these are
reserved -- mydomain.com belongs to some company in Vancouver, WA, USA)
is routable for mail, you may consider inserting a bogus first component
to make MX and A lookups fail. If you need a replyable domain
internally, use split horizon DNS.

Leafnode, being able to post the same article to multiple servers, has
to generate a Message-ID, to avoid duplicate posts.

> I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 on Linux, by the way. If Leafnode isn't 
> involved in any way, please excuse the intrusion.

That Message-ID is from leafnode - apparently, Thunderbird hasn't
generated a Message-ID, and that's fine, newsreaders do not need to do

Matthias Andree

Encrypt your mail: my GnuPG key ID is 0x052E7D95
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