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[leafnode-list] Re: More consistent help messages in configure

>>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Andree
>>>>> <matthias.andree@xxxxxx> writes:

Matthias> That one got lost indeed. What MIME type did it have? The
Matthias> list has got restrictive filters in place, I may need to
Matthias> allow your patches through.

AFAIK, it had a text/plain type. But I can post URLs if this is fine
with you, or best, references to my GNU Arch repository from where you
could pull changes :)

Matthias> I wonder what branch of arch you'd recommend, because I'm
Matthias> still considering switching away from CVS to some better
Matthias> system, candidates still being mcvs, BitKeeper and one of
Matthias> the Arch versions, GNU arch or ArX and have not yet found
Matthias> web documents that compare ArX against GNU arch.

>From my point of view, ArX is dead. It existed because the first
version of GNU Arch was coded in shell, as a proof of concept, and ArX
was a welcomed compiled replacement.

tla (a.k.a. GNU Arch) is the most advanced client at this time. I
recommend it over any existing system at this time (I used to be a CVS
developer, and an early adopter of PRCS, and I use Perforce for some
projects). GNU Arch brought me the most flexible development
environment ever.

For example, some people branched off one of my public
repositories. They develop in their own branches, pulling my new
changes (in one command) in from time to time. Sometimes, they send me
a reference to their public repository, and I can pull some of their
changes and integrate them in my development version.

If you had used GNU Arch for leafnode 2.0.0, here would be a typical
scenario that I would use:

# Branch leafnode--sam--2.0.0 off Matthias branch
% tla tag --setup m-a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/leafnode--dev--2.0.0 \

# Check out the leafnode--sam--2.0.0 branch
% tla get leafnode--sam--2.0.0 leafnode

# Do some hacking in the branch
% tla commit -s "Added XXX feature"

# From time to time, pull the latest changes from Matthias
% tla update m-a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/leafnode--dev--2.0.0
[Review change and conflicts]
% tla commit -s "Sync with Matthias"

# Change is stable enough and well tested, propose it to Matthias
% Mail -s "New change" m-a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx << EOF

I have added XXX feature in Leafnode 2.0.0. You can pull it from the
sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/leafnode--sam--2.0.0 branch.

On your side, what you would do is:

# Browse changes from Sam
% tla abrowse --summary sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/leafnode--sam--2.0.0
[See all changes description by Sam]

# Pull just one changeset
% tla replay sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/leafnode--sam--2.0.0--patch-3
[Review change and conflicts]
% tla commit -s "Imported feature XXX from Sam"

Matthias> I also wonder if ViewARCH could have a "download"
Matthias> function... cut&paste seems inconvenient, although it seems
Matthias> to have worked.

Agreed, import from GNU Arch would be much easier :-) *evil grin*

I looked at the pages before sending the URL, and the patch seems to
be included as plain text. You should be able to just "wget" the page
and feed it through "patch -p1".

Matthias> Patch applied, thank you.

Thanks to you for maintaining Leafnode 2.0.0, it looks much more
advanced than the Leafnode+ I was using before.

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@xxxxxxxxxxx -- http://www.rfc1149.net/sam

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