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Re: [leafnode-list] Bug in current alpha version

Hans-Jürgen Ficker schrieb am 2004-01-13:

> I found a bug in nntpd.c of the current leafnode snapshots. When using
> LIST ACTIVE (and probably LIST NEWSGROUPS) with a non-existing
> newsgroup name, a NULL pointer derefernce occures. The bug seems
> to have introduced in 2.0.0.alpha20031218a (well, leafnode stopped working
> for me with that version).
> The following (trivial) patch fixes it for me:

Content-Description: Patch for leafnode
> -	printlist(ng, what);
> +	if (ng) {
> +	    printlist(ng, what);
> +	}

Looks like the right fix. Patch applied, thank you!

Matthias Andree

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