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[leafnode-list] news-to-mail: convert /var/spool/.. to a file in mbox format

Any script available to convert the news postings hosted 
locally in /var/spool/news/comp/... to 
a mbox file format for each newsgroup? I'm using leafnode-1.9.33.

Why? - I'm using ZAURUS 5500g palmtop with mboxreader 
provided by 
to read mailinglists offline
while waiting at railway stations/ bus stop and 
in trains/bus itself - on my way to my customers!
So I'd like to convert news postings to mbox-file. 
Another reason is to make my own archive of newsgroups
to search in with grep (piped to grep again, google and
other engines don't do that like I want an need it)

I already realised a script, but this script doesn't 
care about /var/spool/news/message.id!!! Mutt mailreader
is able to sort by thread by using the subject. But not 
the mboxreader for ZAURUS. mboxreader displays the 
newspostings not ordered by thread :(( I don't know to
handle the message ID's while creating a mbox-file.

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