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[leafnode-list] group ids from two different servers

I pull headers from two different news servers. The directory
/var/spool/news/leaf.node/ contains the group list for each server. Both lists
contain the same list of groups, i.e.,

$ cat  server1
alt.os.linux.redhat 0
linux.redhat 0
news.software.readers 0
spamcop 116388
spamcop.help 83545

$ cat server2
alt.os.linux.redhat 31902
linux.redhat 95660
news.software.readers 170677
spamcop 0
spamcop.help 0

A couple of questions. Is this as it should be or have I a problem in my
configuration? If I edited the group list for each server and removed the "0"
items, would that cause a problem? As it is, it appears that leafnode asks
about all groups from both servers. Seems to me this is not needed since the
group list should just list items to be retrieved from that server? Have I
missed something in the doco or configuration files?


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