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[leafnode-list] 1.9.49.rel fetchnews problems

I am having major problems with 1.9.49.rel fetchnews. Since upgrading my
active file has gotten out of sync several times. 

I am getting tons of messages such as

news.software.readers: killed 170187
(<rk38d1-tl5.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>), already fetched before

news.software.readers: killed 170050 (<3ffe5f73$1_1@xxxxxxxxxx>), too many
groups in Xref: header (6 > 5)

and so on. 

Log entries are being lost; logging is no longer working.

I have to manually login to news and run fetchnews to clean out the active
file. Even then, no messages are logged.

I am thinking about going back to a previous version since this only started
after the upgrade.

I am not sure even where to look.

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