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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews and logrotate?

Mike Vanecek schrieb am 2004-01-19:

> Why this message:  "skipping group "alt.", invalid name (NULL component)?"

"alt." is not "alt". Small dot, huge difference.

> > These are fine. You're using multiple upstreams and fetchnews is telling
> > you that a server queried previously already had this article downloaded.
> I am confused on this one. The servers do not carry the same groups. Spamcop
> only carries spamcop.* news groups. Newscene carries the rest. If I run with
> -vvv, the log/screen has 5000-6000 lines of these "already fetched before"
> messages. Should not it remember what was fetched previously and not ask for
> them again? I do not remember seeing this type of activity with previous
> versions of fetchmail?

Does fetchnews complete without complaints?

> I am su - news then /usr/sbin/fetchnews ... I did this twice in a row. My news
> log file is now 1.1M (from 0). 

The log file size is euhm impressive, not to say inconvenient. Indeed,
logging has been increased, and interestingly, ever since this was done,
no complaints about lost articles any more...

> Jan 19 13:02:19 www fetchnews[1054]: microsoft.public.pocketpc: last seen
> article was 350319, server now has 342874-350319

Something bad happened between these lines. The previous line has a
limit (variable "last") of 350319, the next line of 350310.

There is no code in fetchnews 1.9.49 that could cause such a change, no
addition/subtraction of 9 or 10 to be found.

This has all looks of a hardware fault: CPU, RAM, bus, or, if the
machine is under memory pressure and swaps, also disk controller/cabling

> Jan 19 13:02:19 www fetchnews[1054]: skipping articles 342874-348309 inclusive
> (article limit)

Internally, fetchnews (as of 1.9.49) checks server > last + 1. So it
checks if 350319 > 350320, which is false - and when the comparison is
false, the "server now has" message does not appear.

We'll see below that somehow between emitting that log line "last seen
... server now has", the "last" has changed from 350319 to...

> Jan 19 13:02:19 www fetchnews[1054]: microsoft.public.pocketpc: considering
> articles 348310 - 350310

350310. You've lost two bits (the 2^3 = 8 and the 2^0 = 1) This lets
leafnode think the server has renumbered his articles and refetch the
whole group.  Check your hardware.

Matthias Andree

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