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[leafnode-list] Forcing message-ids

I have set up leafnode to fetch from news.individual.net (awaiting
account details from them) and a condition they impose is that they
will set message-ids to a particular form. I am not bothered by this,
but figured it would be preferable if the message I post has a
message-id in the correct form when it leaves my box, in which case my
understanding is that they do not change it.

I can set the "hostname" in the config file, but the documantation
says (as I am reading it) that if a message-id is already present in
the message it will not be removed/replaced. I want to over-ride this
- is there any mechanism to do this? 

Is it a filter thing? Is there a filter action that will allow shell
code to be run? Only on posted messages? (Which makes me think that
perhaps there should be a mechanism to filter outgoing messages as
well as incoming ones?)

Using Leafnode version: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20040119a


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