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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode and usenet spam

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Kris Kennaway schrieb am 2004-01-21:

> Are there any solutions for deleting spam articles with leafnode
> (e.g. integrating with nocem)?

None yet, but I have considered adding hooks to leafnode-2 that allow
more sophisticated filtering à la cleanfeed. I haven't yet decided on
the design though and it may not happen before 2Q2004 unless someone
provides code. This code can be a perl or python interface for instance,
preferably an INN compatible one, so I could just stuff cleanfeed in :-)

As a band-aid, we can hog the CPU and execute a program (avoiding
/bin/sh) on each of the downloaded articles before linking it for good,
the script's exit code would then decide "take, kill, abort". This
wouldn't allow NOCEM however.

New functions are for leafnode-2.

The current design - if we were to have a _quick_ solution - would lend
itself to scanning the nocem group after download and cancel out the
junk from a script. An administrative helper program that just cancels
by Message-ID is a no-brainer, but NYI. That doesn't prevent the
download, but at least hides the junk from view, which saves my time
(rather than the computer's).

For leafnode-1, the maxsize/maxlines options can be of some help, as can
be a filter that kills ^Content-Type:.*application - leafnode filters
apply to the header and will trigger a staged article download, split
into HEAD and BODY (you can override this if you have a link with huge
latency * throughput product).

BTW, your GPG signing key has expired a while back.

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Matthias Andree
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