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[leafnode-list] fetchnews: no Path: found


I need to fetch news from servers which don't provide a Path: header. As
this is violating some RFC, fetchnews is discarding all their articles. Is
there any way to force fetchnews to tolerate a missing Path: header?
I tried version 1.9.49.

Servers are:

Log snippet:

# fetchnews -vvvv -x1
leafnode 1.9.49.rel: verbosity level is 4
Trying to connect to news.vistasoftware.com:nntp ... connected.
Using STAT <message-ID> command on this server.
news.vistasoftware.com: 0 articles posted
Getting new newsgroups from news.vistasoftware.com
Reading server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.vistasoftware.com
vista.public.apollo: backing up from 1481 to 1480
vista.public.apollo: considering articles 1480 - 1480
vista.public.apollo: will fetch 1480
vista.public.apollo: receiving article 1480 (0 more up in the air)
...saw header From:
...saw header Newsgroups:
...saw header Subject:
...saw header Date:
...saw header Lines:
...saw header Message-ID:
Discarding article 1480 - no Path:  found
vista.public.apollo: 0 articles fetched, 1 killed
Disconnected from news.vistasoftware.com.
wrote active file with 21243 lines
Started process to update overview data in the background.
Network activity has finished.

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