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Re: [leafnode-list] argosoft news and combit news mgr 1.0.1 break RFC-1036 (was: fetchnews: no Path: found)

Matthias Andree schrieb am 2004-01-23:

> Martin Ritter, 2004-01-23:
> > I need to fetch news from servers which don't provide a Path: header. As
> > this is violating some RFC, fetchnews is discarding all their articles. Is
> > there any way to force fetchnews to tolerate a missing Path: header?
> RFC-1036, issued in late 1987, marks this header as mandatory in section 2.
> I have no sympathy for software that breaks this RFC without being fed
> grossly malformatted input (which it is not - it breaks all articles).
> As ArGoSoft is commercial software and Combit also appear to be a
> for-profit company, I'm not inclined to add workarounds without getting
> a cent.  Leafnode works well with standards compliant news servers.

Archil Gogava, the person behind ArGoSoft, has uploaded a new version,, of ArGoSoft News Server, please contact vistasoftware.com and
ask them to update, so we can see how things work out then.

Matthias Andree

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