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Re: [leafnode-list] List and feed

Matthias Andree said:
> Andrew Cranson schrieb am 2004-01-26:
>> Does leafnode automatically refresh the groups list every time it
>> connects, or can it be prevented from doing so after initial population?
> Fetchnews will refresh the full group list either:
> - when you force it with fetchnews -f
> - when it has no group list or the list size is below a sanity limit of
>   7 bytes (sic!) - usually only after installation
> - when the previous group list fetch was incomplete. Note that being
>   unable to contact a configured upstream server counts as "incomplete"
> - when the full refresh is longer than $timeout_active (default: 90)
>   days ago,
> whichever happens earlier.
> Other than that, fetchnews will only request and merge the list of
> groups that were added on the server since the last fetchnews run
> (the NNTP request is NEWGROUPS with date and time).
> Recent leafnode-1 versions will print, in case of trouble, the reason
> why the next run will have to refresh the group list anew whenever
> possible.

Is it possible to prevent it from downloading new groups completely?
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