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Re: [leafnode-list] Articles out of order from provider impact?

"Mike Vanecek" <leaf_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> My apologies for asking a silly question, but after searching for an answer I
> am not certain I have come to the correct conclusion.
> One of my news providers recently stated: 
>> ... It is a side effect of the volume-related problems we are having
>> (and are working to fix).                           
>> ... for other people who may be having the same problem:  if your 
>> newsreader has an option for "server creates messages out of 
>> order," it should be enabled.

How do they think newsreaders check for new posts? Please ask them.

Anyways, your best bet is to run fetchnews -n -x 1000 until they say
they're creating in order again, after which you'll revert to your
previous fetchnews line. The number may need to be higher depending on
how far apart the "order" is spread (pun intended); when you're running
leafnode-2, leave your regular fetchnews cron job (without the -x) in
place and run fetchnews -n -x 1000 -S out.of.order.server in addition to
that so as to waste bandwidth only on one of the servers.

Matthias Andree

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