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[leafnode-list] FYI articles out of order

FYI, here is the exchange about articles being out of order. The answer has
little meaning to me except for the part where they say it should be fixed

> The author of leafnode was curious to know, "How do they think
> newsreaders check for new posts? Please ask them."
        There are at least two ways to check for new posts within the
NNTP spec (NEWNEWS and high-water mark), but I get the sense that he's
trying to make a point, not ask a question.
        On the assumption that NNTP servers don't skip article numbers
for no good reason, one way to compensate for this problem would be to
keep track of which article numbers have not appeared within a range,
and go back and look for those articles on subsequent retrievals.
        The LISTGROUP command could be used for this, but is probably
overkill; individual XOVER, HEAD or ARTICLE commands on the "missing"
articles would suffice for seeing if they have arrived.  All in all, not
as easy as using the high-water mark, but not terribly difficult, either.
        By the way, we aren't the only provider who makes articles
available "out of [article number] order."  Under normal circumstances,
it doesn't matter that much, because the gaps are filled in quickly
(within seconds or milliseconds).  Problems are arising now with us
because the delay is longer (sometimes minutes).
> Any solution in sight?
        We're testing a solution now, and hope to start rolling it out
before the end of next week.  Most likely it will be put on news-west
first because it is most severely affected by the problem.
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