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Re: [leafnode-list] Upstream and leafnode server times differing significantly

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On Mon, 09 Feb 2004, Peter Riocreux wrote:

> My leafnode server, which has (I have just checked) the right time,
> maintained by ntpd, is sending me, as news admin, the below message as
> a cron output every time fetchnews is run.
> I know this is the correct behaviour, but the time difference doesn't
> seem to be having a detrimental impact (the server seems to be about

It does have a hardly visible impact: any communication with the
upstream server, for instance, querying for new groups that have arrived
in the 12 minutes after the last poll, are missed by fetchnews.

> 12 minutes ahead of my machine), so I would like to suppress this
> warning so I don't come in on Monday morning and get 300 identical
> cron messages...
> I shall attempt to get the upstream to sort their time out, but in the
> meantime, could a command line option be added to fetchnews to
> suppress this message?

> check_date: news.poptel.org.uk: clocks of upstream and this computer are more than 10 minutes apart. Check your system clock.

No need for a new fetchnews option, append this to your cron line,

2>&1 | grep -v '^check_date: news\.poptel\.org\.uk: clocks of upstream'

That filters out the respective message, and cron won't mail output
unless there is any.

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