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[leafnode-list] Subscribing to a previous subscribed group

Hallo out there,

I'm unsing leafnode 1.9.49rel but I recognized the described problem
some months ago - shame on me for not reporting earlier. My newsreader
is tin 1.6.2.

If I subscribe in tin a newsgroup that I read some time before but the
group was unsubscribed and unread for a time longer than the
expire-period (that means no articles in the newsspool yet), then tin
shows no dummy-article but reports: "Keine Artikel" ("No articles") and
no new articles of this group are fetched during the next run of
fetchnews. I have to reset the group (<Z> in tin) as fully unread to get
a dummy article and to get new articles.

Question: Is this a misbehaviour of leafnode or of tin? Or is it a
general problem of NNTP?


Be careful what you wish for,
cause it may come true.
                                     W.A.S.P. (The Crimson Idol; 1992)

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