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Re: [leafnode-list] Change placeholder

Andrew Cranson schrieb am 2004-02-13:

> Is it possible to change the placeholder text in v1.9.50?

It's not configurable.
You'll need to modify the nntpd.c code to achieve that, lines 157ff.

If you plan to do that, save nntpd.c to nntpd.c.orig before editing and
save the diff of your edits in case you need to install 1.9.51 some day
- you could then run the diff you saved through patch. Saves some time.

(No, I don't have plans to release 1.9.51, I hope you're all testing
1.9.50.rc4 and find bugs before I release 1.9.50 :-))

Matthias Andree

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