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[leafnode-list] problems following getting newgroup list

(leafnode version 2.0.0.alpha20031221a; Gnus v5.10.3)

Not sure if this is gnus or leafnode...leafnode decided to do its periodic
retrieval of the full list from my servers, at this point I already had a
copy of gnus running. When it had finished I tried to get new articles

and I got

Reading active file from localhost via nntp...
apply: Server closed connection

I exited gnus and in the same emacs session tried again and got

Reading active file from localhost via nntp...
Cannot read partial active file from nntp server.

- the retrieval of the group lists (4 servers) appeared to have worked ok
exit emacs and try gnus in new session (having quit without saving from
gnus as the group state didn't look good!) and get the same error (partial
active file)

pan appears to be able to cope with reading from localhost which does
point the finger at gnus though the error looks leafnode orientated

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