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Re: [leafnode-list] --prefix=/... config file

On [Mon, 16.02.2004 12:22], Matthias Andree wrote:
> Thorsten Gunkel schrieb am 2004-02-15:
[./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-spooldir=/mnt/news/leafnode_2004_01/]
> > (is --prefix=/usr/local still necessary or will /usr/local really be
> >  default for everything?)
> leafnode uses autoconf defaults (/usr/local unless overridden by a
> locally installed config.site)

I hope you don't mind that I *had* to check this by myself with a simple
configure without any options ... 
| configure: WARNING: overriding sysconfdir to /etc/leafnode (old: ${prefix}/etc)
| configure: WARNING: use --sysconfdir to fix
| configure: WARNING: use --sysconfdir='${prefix}/etc' to get
| configure: WARNING: the default autoconf behaviour

So --prefix=/usr/local still does something different (thanks for the
warning and the configuration summary - that helps a lot!).

> > | === configuration summary: (NONE is ok here and means the default) ===
> > | prefix:      /usr/local
> > | sysconfdir:  /usr/local/etc
> > | spooldir:    /mnt/news/leafnode_2004_01
> > `----
> > I'm sure you agree that /usr/local/etc/config may not be your first choice.
> It will automatically append /leafnode to sysconfdir - the config.c file
> that is created by "make" (or make config.c) shows the real defaults -
> so /usr/local/etc/leafnode/config is what you get.

Ever tried it? After a "make install" I get
| config.example  filters.example  uucp
in etc and fetchnews complains with
| cannot open .../etc/config: No such file or directory

While checking config.c (where sysconfdir points to .../etc without
leafnode) I found another easteregg for prefix fans:
def_spooldir is set to prefix/var/spool/news (great) while 
./configure --help promised /var/spool/news (without prefix) (bad).

On the other hand you wouldn't notice if you omit --prefix=/usr/local
(probably this is what everyone besides me does ;-)) because then it
will default to /var/spool/news (I must have missed that warning?)

-> don't believe anything about paths in leafnode's configure --help,
   set either everything or nothing :-)
-> Beside this leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20040119a seems to work without any
   trouble, great work - thanks!
-> Is there anything like a roadmap out there? E.g. will 2.0 ever
   become stable or are all changes backported to 1.9? What
   features/bugs need to be addressed in 2.0 before it will be

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