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Re: [leafnode-list] --prefix=/... config file

Thorsten Gunkel schrieb am 2004-02-16:

> Ever tried it? After a "make install" I get
> | config.example  filters.example  uucp
> in etc and fetchnews complains with
> | cannot open .../etc/config: No such file or directory
> While checking config.c (where sysconfdir points to .../etc without
> leafnode) I found another easteregg for prefix fans:
> def_spooldir is set to prefix/var/spool/news (great) while 
> ./configure --help promised /var/spool/news (without prefix) (bad).

OK, now there is evidence of trouble. I'll see if I can simplify the
whole stuff a bit, given that leafnode-2 doesn't have to keep
compatibility in code when it can be kept in documentation, this will
probably mean throwing some magic away.

> -> Is there anything like a roadmap out there? E.g. will 2.0 ever
>    become stable or are all changes backported to 1.9? What

It will somewhen become the new stable version, but no target date is
set, as I cannot estimate the time I can spend on leafnode-2. Until
then, the alpha version is supposed to work well enough for many and
leafnode-1.9 is meant to be shipped...

>    features/bugs need to be addressed in 2.0 before it will be
>    released?

Internal cleanups (Code reorganization), some missing features,
start-up-time. While leafnode starts quickly on my AMD Athlon XP, it
takes seconds to start on a 486SX25. That should be addressed as well.

Matthias Andree

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