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Re: [leafnode-list] Hung Fetchnews

John Carlyle- Clarke schrieb am 2004-02-24:

> I have a fetchnews that has been hung for a couple of days.  This is version leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20040119a (sorry, but I have not had a moment to upgrade to the latest alpha).
> I couldn't see anything in the NEWS that looked relevant, so maybe this is of use?

If you can reproduce this, please try setting windowsize=1 to suppress
pipelining - the server may not handle it although it must.

> #10 0x804ba48 in getarticles (stufftoget=0x82002a8, n=-512, f=0x81ffa90) at fetchnews.c:1109
>         res = -512
>         p = (struct stringlist *) 0x0
>         advance = 2
>         window = 2
>         artno_server = 0
>         remain = 65503

Matthias Andree

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