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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire article counts

Robert Marshall schrieb am 2004-03-10:

> >>From this morning
>     uk.legal: 4958 articles deleted, 2710 kept
>     message.id: 3166 articles deleted, 51119 kept
> is this a consequence of create_all_links = 1 and lots of cross-posting?
> (and I don't even read uk.legal!)

If "[you] don't even read uk.legal" implies that you don't have a
/var/spool/news/interesting.groups/uk.legal file, then
"create_all_links=1" explains how the postings get into that group.

As to "message.id expires fewer messages than uk.legal", I think
leafnode will do the right thing. I will not preclude bugs but I'm quite
confident that expiry works as intended. Spool repair is currently
better in leafnode-1, unfortunately, leafnode-1's texpire will now
convert a leafnode-2 spool back to leafnode-1 for now.

As - by courtesy of Stefan Wiens - texpire now expires thread-oriented,
the expiry of threads can differ between groups, particularly in the
face of cross-postings, when the amount of crossposting is changed
within in a thread, as is common as users try to channel the discussion
into a single group.

The message.id expiry is a bit simplistic: it expires a file if it has
no more hard links into the group directories, i. e. when the link count
has fallen to 1. For a non-cross-posted article, the link count is 2,
for cross-posted articles, it is 3 or greater.

Oh, and groupexpire and filter settings can also contribute to differences.

So I'd say "yes, it is" and not care unless problems show up.

(Does anyone feel like casting this into a form that is suitable for a
FAQ document, with answers?)

Matthias Andree

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