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Re: [leafnode-list] only_groups_pcre and crossposting

Joshua Crawford schrieb am 2004-03-13:

> So, as I understand it (and wish it to be), any posts that aren't to a
> binaries group or to alt.cmm will be posted through Individual and those
> that are, through my ISP. But, just now, I tried sending a crosspost, with a
> binaries group listed second
> (alt.fan.robert-jordan,alt.binaries.fan.robert-jordan) and found the post in
> failed.postings:
>   Mar 13 12:43:20 bruce fetchnews[26997]: postarticles: Article file 26713-1079141744-2 Message-ID <g45ai1-p2q.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> was rejected: "441 437 Poison newsgroup"

Strange. I know there is such a kind of newsgroup in some servers that
refuses your post as you try to crosspost into that "poison" newsgroup.

What makes me wonder is that the order determines whether you can post.

Here's how it works: for all newsgroups listed in the Newsgroups:
header, leafnode will first check if it matches only_groups_pcre.  If it
does, it will try to issue a GROUP group.name command. If the server
replies with a 211 status code, the search is aborted and the article is

> I switched the order of the groups around and it posted fine through my ISP:
>   Mar 13 12:46:56 bruce fetchnews[27039]: leafnode 1.9.51.rel: verbosity level is 2, debugmode is 0
>   Mar 13 12:46:59 bruce fetchnews[27039]: connected to, reply: 200
>   Mar 13 12:47:03 bruce fetchnews[27039]: postarticles: file 26713-1079141744-2: server does not carry Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fan.robert-jordan
>   Mar 13 12:47:03 bruce fetchnews[27039]: news.individual.net: 0 articles posted

> Is this a leafnode bug, or am I misunderstanding how PCRE's work?

I have fixed  one bug in the logging - the copy of the Newsgroups:
header is parsed destructively and after that (when it's broken) used
for logging. That cannot result in proper logging - only the first Newsgroup
is listed in the log line (3rd from the top).

The ordering of the groups should not matter. I wonder if there is more
than a logging bug. If you should have mistyped the alt.fan... group
when you swapped the groups, you would not have seen this in the log and
your 2nd server may still have accepted the alt.binaries* post.

Please retry with 1.9.52.rc4.

Matthias Andree

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