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Re: [leafnode-list] only_groups_pcre and crossposting

Joshua Crawford schrieb am 2004-03-16:

> So, just checking I understand what you said, with the first article,
> alt.fan.robert-jordan exists on Individual, so fetchnews attempts to post it
> and it gets rejected because of the crosspost, whereas with the other, with
> the binaries group first, it isn't even attempted because of the pcre?

That's the bug you are reporting and that I have finally seen a few
minutes ago. I had looked at the same dozen of lines some hours ago but
not seen the bug. Thank you for insisting there's something wrong.

For one post, fetchnews would see alt.binaries... is not allowed
on individual.net (PCRE), skip it, check that alt.fan... is allowed,
issue a GROUP command, receive the 211 reply and try to post. This
hasn't happened, but I don't know why. A "debugmode=2" debug log (see
the TROUBLESHOOTING section in README for details) might help shed some
light on this.

For the other post, fetchnews would try alt.fan... first, see it is
allowed on individual.net (PCRE), issue a GROUP command, receive the 211
reply and try to post.

> Shouldn't the pcre be applied to all groups in the Newsgroups: header,
> before attempting to post? That is the problem here, it seems.

It should, but indeed it isn't. Indeed only the first group in the list
was tested if it was unmatched.

HOWEVER, if I fix this issue (and I will because the bug can prevent
crossposted articles from being posted at all), you will not be able to
post an article with that group combination any more.

> I'd have thought that, with the pcre I use, any article with a
> binaries group would not be tried on Individual.

There are two slightly different models:

#1 An upstream server will accept a crossposted article if
a. it has any of the newsgroups listed
b. none of the newsgroups are "poison".

#2 The only_groups_pcre will only cut down the list of newsgroups that
#1a looks at, so if any of the remaining matches the server's PCRE, the
crossposted article will go on its journey to that server.
Only_groups_pcre has no "poison" characteristic - a group excluded
through the PCRE does not prevent the crosspost.

BTW, reading your log showed me that debugmode=1 doesn't log the
commands that got sent, I'll fix that as well.

I'll release leafnode 1.9.52.rc5 now and 1.9.52 probably the weekend
26/27 March.

Matthias Andree

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