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Re: [leafnode-list] Newbie problem

Ian Donaldson schrieb am 2004-03-16:

> Leafnode is working great on my home network with one exception and I was 
> wondering if some knowledgeable person could help me. Leafnode pulls news 
> from multiple news servers as required, but when I post an article or 
> reply to a posting leafnode posts the article to each news server I'm 
> subscribed to, resulting in multiple posts in the respective news 
> group(s). 

If that results in multiple copies of the same article, one or more of
the upstream servers must be destroying the Message-ID: header line.

Please forward all copies of the same post of yours (which one, does not
matter) to me off-list so I can analyze the Path: headers, find out the
culprit and take appropriate action (which means having the server taken
down immediately until its software is fixed).

> Any ideas in how to stop this.
> Leafnode version 1.9.19 running on Sparc 5 and SuSE Linux version 7.3

Leafnode 1.9.19 is an old version that has critical bugs and two
security relevant bugs (denial of service). SuSE have ignored my calls
to update their RPM, so feel free to complain to security@xxxxxxx about
their inappropriate service.

Anyways, please download the leafnode-1.9.52.rc5.tar.bz2 tarball from
http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/, build your own update RPM with
rpm -tb leafnode-1.9.52.rc5.tar.bz2 and install it with
rpm -Uhv /usr/src/packages/RPMS/*/leafnode-1.9.52.rc5-1.tar.bz2

Then, review /usr/share/doc/packages/leafnode/NEWS and README for the
sections (multiple) labeled "incompatible changes" and "upgrading
from..." and change configuration if necessary.

In the mid-term run, you should find another operating system for your
SPARC, as it appears that SuSE 7.3 was the last SuSE Linux release for
SPARC machines and 7.3 support has been discontinued some months ago,
while security bugs - in the kernel, among other packages - need fixing.

Unfortunately, shipping SPARC Linux distribution for end-users appears
to be unprofitable, so you haven't much choice. Debian Linux (the stable
release, 3.0r2, "woody"), while a bit aged, is supported, and FreeBSD
5.2.1 which is not quite Linux and only runs on 64-bit SPARC (but will
execute 32-bit applications) and has difficulties with Java support
(non-trivial install).

If you're into commercial systems with longer support period, Solaris 9
and 10 are also cheap enough for home use (provided it's non-commercial
- I don't know licensing conditions for freelancers) but requires more
work of yours for installation third-party applications. I haven't
installed Solaris 9 or 10 myself.

IF you plan to upgrade, backup all your data (including system
configuration so you can at least look up old configuration later)
before changing anything.
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