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Re: [leafnode-list] illegal headers

On 24 Mar,  
     "Mike Vanecek" <leaf_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Have not seen this before, but thought I would mention it just in case ...
> Running latest rc.
> Mar 24 09:47:20 www fetchnews[23409]: illegal article:
> /var/spool/news/microsoft/public/frontpage/extensions/unix/1218
> Mar 24 09:47:20 www fetchnews[23409]: error: article
> /var/spool/news/microsoft/public/frontpage/extensions/unix/1218 contained
> illegal headers
It's been in for a while, certainly at least most of 1.9.52, if not earlier.
I'm missing one or two articles with that. I assume (from the source of the
articles) it's an 8 bit header thing, but as I'm not seeing the articles i'm
not sure. 
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