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Re: [leafnode-list] using same spool whiel testing leafnode2

Cory C. Albrecht schrieb am 2004-03-25:

> Will I have any problems if I compile leafnode2 to use the same spool dir as 
> 1.9? I.e. files with the same names but have different formats? I'd like to 
> run leafnode2 side-by-side with 1.9 while testing it, and I'd ratehr not 
> corrupt my spool dir. :-)

You can't switch forth and back as the functions that map Message.IDs to
the corresponding message.id/NNN/ directory don't match in leafnode-1
and leafnode-2, so the spool would need to be converted so that access
can work. I'd recommend using using the --prefix and --enable-spooldir
options to install leafnode-2 into a different directory.

I cannot currently guarantee that the texpire function of leafnode-2
will get the conversion from a leafnode-1 spool right, and I expect
leafnode-2's expire to undergo changes in the future.

> BTW, does leafnode2 no longer concern itself with a  groupname? I
> noticed that there is no --enable-runas-group option for configure,
> and a quick scan of *.c found no getgrnam().

It uses the primary group of the "news" user (or _news if you've used

Matthias Andree

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