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[leafnode-list] mail2news

Hi all,

im currently writing a mail2news interface for leafnode. The idea is to replace fetchnews with the mail2news service. I know that there are allready mail2news systems like gmane or mail2news-easy, but they are all script based.

I dont like scripts and i dont like sendmail and i dont
want that the user must have an account on the server.
I have currently written the mail2news manager m2nmgr, that
reads a special config file with the predefined mailing
lists. I use a simple command line pop3 tool called
"popme" to get the messages and save it as an mbox file.
What i then need is to translate mbox2news.

It's also easy to create groups for leafnode, but what i dont
know yet is how to feed the postings in leafnode. I have seen
that leafnode creates a lot of directories.

Can anyone be so kind ang give me some tipps how news are
stored in leafnode? This is perhaps a bit easier then to
read everything from the source.

Thanks a lot.

Carsten Breuer
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