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[leafnode-list] tin: "Can't retrieve active" with 1.9.49.rel + 1.9.51.rel

Hello everybody. I'm new to this list.

tin gives me the error-message: "Can't retrieve active" when I run
it on leafnode versions 1.9.49.rel and 1.9.51.rel. Up to 1.9.43.rel
everything was ok. I didn't try out the versions inbetween.

I tried out tin versions 1.5.12, 1.5.17 and 1.7.0. All work fine
with leafnode-1.9.43 or lower, but none works with the two versions
mentioned above. Is this more likely a tin- oder leafnode-problem? I
try it first here on the leafnode-list, because with prior versions
of leafnode tin was doing fine.

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